One, species - buy piglets, learn methods

The requirement for buying piglets is to purchase piglets of good quality, healthy disease-free, and well-developed piglets at the lowest possible price. To achieve this goal, we must pay attention to the following two points;

(1) Purchase location. In general, the pig breeds in the market are miscellaneous and easy to carry the source of infection. Therefore, you can go to a better farm to buy piglets.

(2) Buying pig species. What kind of pig to buy depends on the purpose of buying the pig. If the purpose is to cultivate commercial pigs, binary or ternary crossbred pigs should be selected, and crossbred pigs of 30kg or more should be selected as fattening objects for commercial pigs. If used as a breeding sow, consideration should be given to its breeding performance and which paternal boars are used.

Second, material - scientific choice of materials, reasonable materials

The efficiency of raising pigs depends to a large extent on how to choose feeds. It is necessary to select high-quality, high-efficiency feeds by looking at the ratio of meat to meat. When using premixes or concentrates, raw materials must be formulated to meet the nutritional needs of pigs.

(1) According to the pig's different physiological stages, otherwise it will cause feed wastage or poor pig growth.

(2) For piglets, they must “grab three foods and pass three levels”. Grasping milk food, overgrowth good growth; grasping open food, over good feed off; grab busy food, over good milk off. Do not overfeed and prevent excessive concentrates to prevent diarrhea and induced edema in piglets.

(3) Do not suddenly change the material, mix the original material and new material, gradually reduce the original material, and add new material, after 5 days to 7 days to complete the refueling process. In the pig feed, the crude fiber should not be too much, and the green feed should be properly matched to prevent feed malnutrition or nutritional insufficiency.

Third, clean - cleaning and disinfection can prevent disease

In order to prevent the occurrence of porcine infectious diseases, we must pay attention to the cleanliness and disinfection work of pig houses. Use disinfectant produced by veterinary drug GMP certified manufacturers to ensure the quality of disinfection. Regularly sterilize the inside and outside environment of the pig house, including the barn, site and equipment, equipment, drainage channels, air and pig body surface, etc., also pay attention to some health corners, such as loading pigs, sewage ditch, pool, food trough Disinfection of places and facilities.

Fourth, disease - prevention, prevention against governance

(1) There are many kinds of pig diseases and the cause is complicated. However, serious threats to the pig industry are still infectious diseases, especially swine fever, swine erysipelas, swine plague, and E. coli. We must adhere to the principle of "prevention first, prevention and control".

(2) While paying attention to the prevention of infectious diseases, we must also be alert to consumptive diseases such as parasitic diseases, panting diseases, delirium, and the like. For newly-introduced piglets, insect repellents are best mixed in their feed for 8 to 10 days after entering the circle. When it weighs 70 kg, it is repelled once more.

V. Tubes - Careful Management, Reasonable Rearing

Pigs can only use their high-quality feeds under the proper conditions of temperature, humidity, cleanness, and ventilation to give full play to their production performance and improve the feed conversion rate. At the same time, newborn piglets should pay attention to aiding sucking milk and help them fix the nipple.

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