The flavor of the fruit is a comprehensive manifestation of the nature and composition of the numerous cells that make it up. How sweet a fruit, although determined by the amount of sugar in its cells, however, the accumulation of sugar is closely related to the application of nitrogen fertilizer. It turned out that from the third week to the fourth week after the Xiehua to Xiehua, the young fruit cells are in a split state, and the cells are filled with protein-based cytoplasm. Since then, the cell division has stopped and it has begun to absorb water and expand rapidly. Extending, at this time, the cytoplasm gradually adheres around the cell membrane, and a large vacuole is formed at the center. The inside is a bubble fluid, which is the main site for the storage of starch, organic acids and other substances. When the fruit matures, the cytoplasm is almost Filled with starch and gradually broken down into fructose, glucose and sucrose, the fruit's sweetness increases dramatically.

If too much nitrogen is applied, although it is beneficial to the formation of protein, it will increase the cytoplasm in the cell, causing a delay in the cytoplasm and a corresponding decrease in the volume of the vacuole, which will directly hinder the storage of starch. At the same time, due to too much nitrogen fertilizer, the shoots will grow vigorously, and the sugars produced from the leaves will be consumed in a large amount, which will reduce the transportation to the fruit, which will affect the sweetness of the fruit.

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