In the same plot, the same or the same kind of vegetables are planted year after year, and some produce reduced production year by year. Diseases and insect pests are getting worse, and it is difficult to continue planting. This is a continuous obstacle.

First, the cause

The continuous cropping barrier is caused by one or several of the following reasons: The harmful substances secreted by the roots of crops are poisoned once they are accumulated in the soil year after year; the soil-borne diseases of the same or similar crops under continuous cropping In the soil, there is more and more accumulation; the same crop often has the same root system and prefers a certain two trace elements. Continuous absorption will result in lack of nutrition in this soil layer, which will lead to abnormal growth; the same crop root system will produce The same thing, under this secretion, some soil microorganisms may multiply, some may be inhibited, and the alienation of soil microbial communities will lead to changes in soil properties.

Second, eliminating measures

1. Establish a scientific rotation system. The rotation of other crops with spicy crops (such as onions and garlic), or rotation of solanaceous vegetables and melons.

2. Increase farm manure and delay the occurrence of continuous cropping obstacles.

3. Grafting and root-changing cultivation techniques. However, grafting and rooting cannot fundamentally eliminate continuous cropping barriers, because rootstocks also have continuous cropping problems.

4. Soilless cultivation can be used in places where conditions permit.

5. Change soil from soil. Plant a crop after covering the ground with a layer of raw soil.

6. Flooded high-temperature treated soil has been used during the summer leisure season

7. Comprehensive treatment of the aged soil. Fertilizers for reviving and improving soils, such as enzyme-based solid fertilizers, activated humic acid fertilizers, etc.; use of soil disinfectants, such as Greenheng No. 1, etc.; application of elements including zinc, magnesium, boron, iron, and copper in basic fertilizers. fertilizer. (Wang Jianzhang)

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