Large temperature difference between day and night in winter, the pigs are vulnerable to diarrhea, experience over the years shows that for the pig diarrhea occurred in this season, the treatment effect is poor, to remind farmers friends, the winter must be prepared to prevent pig diarrhea.

First, the injection of vaccine. There are many reasons for pig rare, one is caused by the virus, winter is easy to occur, the treatment effect is poor, and the emphasis is on prevention. The vaccine, such as swine epidemic diarrhea-transmissible gastroenteritis double vaccine;

This is caused by bacteria, which are commonly caused by E. coli, such as diarrhea in piglets born within 7 days. We must focus on prevention and strengthen the disinfection of water sources and sites; one reason is the pig diarrhea caused by feed. Therefore, farmers should not be blindly treated. They should be treated by the local veterinarian after diagnosis.

Second, the piggery management must be in place. Fresh clean air and clean and tidy sanitation are the most economical and effective health care for pig farms, but they have always been a weak link in many farms. Pay attention to weather changes in the winter and keep the temperature in the pig house relatively constant, especially in the delivery room and bred pig house. The day and night temperatures in the delivery room should be around 25°C, the temperature inside the nursery box should be above 30°C, and the temperature in the rearing room should be 22°C. the above. Ventilate and ventilate well on the basis of keeping warm, keep the indoor air fresh, the ground is dry, prevent thief wind from attacking, prevent from damp, the indoor humidity is kept below 70%.

Third, health and epidemic prevention should be meticulous. Keeping staff enter the pig house to change clothes, change shoes, and step on the disinfection pool. Wash hands and sterilize before entering the pig house. The interior should be kept clean and dry. When there is an epidemic, it should be disinfected once a day, and it should be disinfected once a week. It is forbidden to purchase pigs from epidemic areas and epidemic areas. When pigs are threatened with infection, they are prevented from spreading by people, vehicles, dogs, cats, and equipment.

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