Due to the small seed size and high seedling emergence rate, rape seedlings tend to have large seeding rate, too dense seedlings, crowded seedlings, and late-stage nutrient deterioration, poor growth, and weak seedling height. Such rape seedlings are poorly tolerant, greenish, and dead after they are transplanted to Daejeon. They are easy to fall down and yield is low in the later period. One of the main reasons for the emergence of such weak seedlings is excessive planting at the time of sowing and excessive dense seedlings, so that the seedlings appear to grow in length and produce weak seedlings. The planting of rapeseed should be well done to prevent weakness. seedling.

First, the amount of sowing

For rape seedlings, the ratio of seedbed area to field area is generally controlled at about 1:5, that is, the required seedbed area per mu of the field should be around 0.2 mu (two points). The seeding rate per acre seedbed is generally controlled at about 0.5 kg, that is, only 0.1 kg (100 g) of seed is purchased per acre. In the actual sowing, sowing rate can be adjusted according to the specific circumstances, such as small seeds, early sowing, high bud rate, high land preparation quality, suitable soil moisture, fine management, less seedling pests, can be appropriately broadcast a little, and vice versa Should be broadcast a little, but the seeding rate per acre seedbed should generally not exceed 0.6 kg.

Second, and time seedlings

In order to ensure uniform seeding, seeds and finely divided soil should be spread. In addition, after the emergence of rapeseed, we should also combine the weeding and seedlings at the 3 leaf stage to ensure that the seedlings are evenly distributed and the leaves do not overlap. Based on this, we must strengthen management in order to cultivate strong seedlings and lay a good foundation for the future high yield of rapeseed.

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