First, the short grass to feed the old saying goes: "Crawford three knife, no material also increased." The short forage after feeding the cattle, than the whole feed to save about 20%, especially when the whole feeding feed less Hard or hard stem stalks that are difficult to eat can be fully utilized and their digestive rate improved if they are fed shortly. The stalk should generally be chopped into a 3 to 5 cm feed cow.
Second, the rough straw fine-grained crop straw used as forage, if it can be salted, alkalized, ammoniated, or crushed and then mixed with fine feed to cattle, can increase the utilization of forage, increase palatability, thus saving Forage.
Third, less feed Tim feed once fed, cattle easy to develop fault picking suitable forage, causing forage to cause waste. Less feed Tim, can save forage.
IV. Feeding in the trough To change the bad habit of feeding the fodder directly in the bullpen, feed the fodder in the trough. In this way, the forage will not be contaminated by faeces, and it will be healthy after being eaten by cattle, free from diseases, and it will also save a great deal of forage.
Fifth, the first rough after the first feed rough feed, cattle will not eat food, eat more roughage. Afterwards, fine or fine forages are fed according to their nutritional needs. In this way, the utilization characteristics of ruminants for roughage were fully exploited, and forage was saved.
Six, the transformation of the trough is often due to shallow trough, so that when the grass to eat grass outside, causing a lot of waste. When making food troughs, deeper ones can be avoided. Generally, the depth of the trough is about 40 cm.
Before leaving the grass processing, the crude hard stems of the cattle are often burned when the fuel is burned. If it is dried and collected, it can be crushed into grass powder with a pulverizer, and then fed, it can be effectively used.
VIII. Saving mat grass To keep the pens clean and hygienic, try to use abandoned weeds as grass mats to reduce forage grass waste.
Nine, to see cattle grazing many cattle farmers feed cattle, as long as the grass into the cattle trough, they left. In this way, when the cattle graze the grass outside the tank, they can't feed the grass after they are stepped on. Therefore, the breeder should try to guard the cattle to eat the grass and then leave and find that the forage is landed. This saves a lot of hay.

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