According to the growth and development rules of the ginger cultivation stage, different fertilizers, irrigation methods and fertilizer rates should be adopted according to the amount of water and fertilizer intake of plants in different periods. Ginger fertilizer can be divided into two categories: base fertilizer and top dressing. According to chemical composition, it can also be divided into farmyard fertilizers and chemical fertilizers. Farmyard fertilizers are generally used as basal fertilizers. Fertilizers can be used as base fertilizers or top dressings. In particular, it should be noted that when using chemical fertilizers, it is necessary to have an appropriate elemental ratio. In general, the ratio of chemical fertilizers should be the net content of elements n:p:k=5:4:1. Ginger-specific compound fertilizer can be used conditionally (n:p:k=5:4:1). Ginger's fertilization can be applied in three periods, namely base fertilizer, trigeminal topdressing and top dressing.

1. Base fertilizer: Fertilizers are applied to the farmyard fertilizer 4000-5000 kg/mu and 50 kg compound fertilizer (n:p:k=5:4:1) per mu of ginger field.

2. Three-dimension dressing: acupuncture or ditching at 15 cm from the base of the seedlings, applying 100 kg of compound fertilizer per mu of ginger field, and irrigating once to dissolve the fertilizer.

3, during the expansion of fertilizer: After the beginning of autumn, when each plant differentiated 6-8 bifurcation, topdressing 50 kg of fertilizer per acre ginger field, and pay attention to soil moisture. If it is dry, it will be irrigated once every 4-6 days, and the soil will often be planted at the base of the plant to promote the growth of rhizomes.

Through a combination of two basal fertilizers, appropriate proportions of n, p, and k fertilizers, and appropriate amounts of application and irrigation, the growth and nutrition of the above ground (branches) and underground parts (mainly rhizomes) can be adjusted. Distribution, so as to achieve the goal of high output. (Listening)

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