Release date: 2008-12-23

How much food is it suitable for everyone to eat every day? Professor Yang Zeyi, who was involved in formulating recipes for Olympic athletes, provided a simple formula - 5 x individual weight (kg). For example, a person of 80 kilograms should eat "5 x 80 = 400 grams" every day, which is the eight staple food. If you don't eat enough, you are very tired. A mental worker who sits in the office all day, often feels dizzy and tired during a busy day. In addition to work fatigue, not eating staple food is also a major cause of brain fatigue. Because the brain has a natural barrier, the energy supplied by fat and protein does not reach the brain, and only sugar can ensure that the brain has sufficient energy. In the daily diet, the staple food is the main supplier of sugar, and eating enough staple food can make people "sound". Professor Yang also made an analogy. The staple food is equivalent to the liquefied gas used for cooking. It can be fully metabolized without leaving “waste”. Eating meat is equivalent to burning honeycomb coal. After eating it, it causes a pile of “cinder”. "The more waste, the less people will be." Many people now control diet for weight loss, but controlling diet can't reduce the type of food. For example, if someone eats green vegetables, protein and fat intake is too low, and the body weight is reduced, but the body is lost. Control diet is to control the proportion and total amount of various nutrients, vegetables, fruits, a little more, meat can be less, staple food can be less. But you must not eat staple food, even for people with diabetes. Professor Yang himself has been suffering from diabetes for many years, but his staple food will never be less than 100 grams. In addition to the staple food, 250 grams of vegetables, fruits and milk each day, this is a reasonable diet. ——Midi Medical Network

Sweetener Solutions
Usually, the high-intensity Sweeteners do not use singly. In order to get better taste, sweeteners sometimes are used as Mixture Sweetener in the food. We also provide professional Sweetener solutions and various customized services. According to customers` requirement, no matter in design, research or production, we are committed to creating a new experience of sweetness and healthiness for consumer with you. In fact, sweetener blends are good choice once you have problem by using single sweetener, they have more advantages, and like blends of Aspartame and Acesulfame Potassium can improve the sweetness level and our Neotame based blends can save more production cost.

NovoSweet solutions will help you to rearrange the formula, to ensure it meets the requirements of you and your customers. It will bring you a more delicious product, and make you become more competitive.

Sweetener Solutions


Sweetener Solutions

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