The transplanting of cotton seedlings with nutrients can fully utilize light and heat resources and solve the contradiction between grain, cotton, oil and land. Generally, the production is increased by 15% to 20%, and that before frost is increased by about 20%. However, according to the survey, some farm households are experiencing high-temperature burning and sprouting at different levels each year because seedbed management is not in place. Now several precautions are introduced as follows: Strictly adjusting temperature. During sowing and emergence, we should master the principle of “high-temperature rushing seedlings”, strictly seal the membranes, increase the temperature and moisturize and urge the whole seedlings, control the seedbeds at 30-35, and do not ventilate them until 80%. Grasp the principle of suitable temperature, loose and wet long leaves, and control the bed temperature at 25 to 30 degrees Celsius. Therefore, in front of two true leaves, the main cover film is used, and two true leaves are followed by open film, before emergence. The plastic film is flattened to moisturize the seedlings, and when the cotyledons are unearthed, 40%~60% of the arch cover film is lifted. After the first two sunny days, Miao peeled off the sunbeds to reduce the humidity on the bed. In the first true leaf stage, the temperature in the membrane is maintained at 20-25 degrees Celsius, and the membrane is covered in the night and covered in the evening. After the seedlings reach 2 true leaves, the sky cover will be opened on the sunny day and covered with rainy days. After 3 true leaves, the film can be peeled off day and night. Generally, the film is not covered. In case of strong winds and heavy rain, the weather must be covered.
Do a good job of moisture management. Before emergence, high temperatures and high humidity are required to promote the emergence of seedlings, and water is the main contradiction. If the seedling temperature of the thin film nursery is high, the water consumption is large; if the water in the seedbed is too low, the seed cannot germinate, or the germinated seed will also bud down. Therefore, the soil relative humidity of the seedbed is not less than 80%. The key to pre-emergence seedbed management is to seal the membrane on the basis of “three wet” sowing. Maintain high temperature and high humidity, and remove the film within one week. Under conditions of high temperature and suitable moisture, the whole film can be obtained in one week. Some farmers did not grasp the main contradiction of water, resulting in insufficient water in the bed. After seeing difficulties in seedling emergence, they opened the film and watered it. The result became “cooked rice”, resulting in very few seedlings and low seedlings. A lot of seedlings, uneven. When the soil and air humidity are low and when watering is required, the water can be continuously watered for 3 to 4 days. However, the amount of water should not be too large, and more water should be poured around the bed.
Prevent pests and diseases. Emergence to the first true leaf stage, the main spray 0.5:1:100 Bordeaux fluid protection agent to prevent bacteria immersion. After the true leaves are sprayed, it can be sprayed with 20% methyl tocopherol 300 to 500 times, or 23% coloammose 500 times to reduce the occurrence of diseases. Control cotton aphid, blind stink bug, cotton thrips, can use 50% methyl phosphorus 1000 times spray to protect seedlings.
Controlling and strengthening strong seedlings. In order to prevent cotton seedlings from being leggy and tall feet, 1 millilitre of the helper and 10 kg of water can be uniformly sprayed. Spray faster, do not arbitrarily increase the liquid concentration.

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