Brussels sprouts are also known as Brussels sprouts, Chinese cabbage, or Klein. It is cruciferous, genus, one-year-old herb, and cabbage vegetable. Leaflets formed from axillary buds are eaten. The points are high and short. According to the size of the leaf ball can be divided into two kinds: large Brussels sprouts, the flower ball diameter greater than 4 cm and small Brussels sprouts. China has a small amount of cultivation, mainly produced in Shanghai, Beijing and Taiwan. The seedlings were planted in the south from mid-June to early July, and were harvested from the early October to the second half of March. The early and middle-maturing varieties were selected in the surrounding areas of Beijing and sowed in early June. Before the beginning of winter, they were transplanted into plastic sheds and planted in trenches. From early November to the following February, they were harvested and listed on the market. Should be fresh sales.
(A) Lobular ball compaction, appearance shiny, bright green color can be harvested. Temporarily cool and ventilated place after harvest to make it dissipate heat in the field for sale or storage.
(B) Storage characteristics and storage methods The suitable temperature for storage of Brussels sprouts is 0°C; the relative humidity is 90%-95%. See the relevant section of cabbage for its storage and transportation methods.
(III) Quality standards for listing Leaflet ball is tight and fresh, free of pests and diseases, yellow leaves, and dry; baskets are packed in woven bags or plastic film bags.

Zhejiang XingWang LongSheng Food Co.,Ltd. was established in January 2013. It is an aquatic products deep processing joint venture constituted by [Taizhou XingWang Aquatic Product Co.,Ltd."and ZheJiang LongSheng Aquatic Products Co.,Ltd."(Thailand businessman solely invested). The company`s registered capital is 19.8 million Yuan, total assets is 80 million Yuan; total area of company is 72,500 square meters, total construction area of 57,000 square meters including with cold storage capacity 30,000 MT, processing area 18,000 square meters, product quality assessment center 500 square meters.

We have more than 800 staffs of which over 80 are technical managers. We now have passed food safety management system ISO22000, HACCP, QS, FDA, BRC, HALAL, OU-KOSHER certification and filing to export food manufacture, we also have finished some Occident registrations. To ensure the quality of our products, the company invests over 200 millions Yuan to build and launch laboratory management system in accordance with international standards ISO17025.

Our company now has domestic offshore processing vessel which specialized in offshore procurement, processing and freezing business. Meanwhile, we are also engaged in North Pacific, workboat, trans-ocean workboat business. Therefore, it can avoid raw material shortage situation.

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