Bovine embryo transfer is similar to other animal embryo transfer methods. The main steps are:

1, donor cattle superovulation.

2. Simultaneous estrus in recipient cows.

3, donor cow embryo recovery: There are currently surgical and non-operative uterine irrigation method.

4. The recovered embryos can be examined and processed directly after fresh embryo transfer or after the embryos are preserved, and then transplanted.

5. Embryo transfer: The recovered embryos are transplanted to recipient cattle. The method of transplantation is also divided into surgical and non-surgical methods.

At present, the success rate of embryo transfer for dairy cows is around 50%. According to the normal sex ratio, one of the two successful embryos is female, so the result of embryo transfer is that an average of 4 embryos per hematopoietic transplant can be obtained.

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