1 Agricultural control. I choose insect-resistant products. In recent years, experiments in the northeastern region have demonstrated that hard-lined, fur-skinned varieties have characteristics that are resistant to soybean borer. II Tillage the pods, increase the number of cultivators in the field, and plough the beans in a timely manner. Autumn turning (shallow) tillage after soybean harvesting can damage the overwintering sites of soybean borer and increase the wintering mortality rate; after planting other crops in soybean meal, it will increase cultivator during the larvae and eclosion stages of soybean borer to reduce emergence; soybean meal Such as sowing wheat, when the wheat is harvested after the larvae move up and larvae, with limited buckwheat quail can kill a large number of overwintering larvae and pupae. 2 chemical control. Such as the use of dichlorvos fumigation control of adults, can be carried out in the beginning of the prosperous period (the height of adult moths - field moth sudden increase, and even a phenomenon of double increase, the number of moth groups flying group, the moth group of each moth Larger, starting to see the mating, it shows that the adults enter the peak period); such as the use of deltamethrin, l-fuprosterol and other agents to control adults and larvae, can be carried out within 5-7 days after the adult peak period (adult peak period - The adult peak period of 2-3 days is the peak season of the insects, at which time the male and female ratio in the field is 1:1, and the moth amount between Tianbian and the male has reached a basic equilibrium). I dichlorvos fumigation. Apply 80% of dichlorvos emulsifiable concentrate 100-150 ml/mu, use 2 pieces of long-lasted sorghum or corn stalk, peel and stick one part of the medicine, leave one skin, and press the amount of liquid to be sucked. Insert one meter and evenly insert it on the ridge; or use corn cob to absorb liquid medicine and stick it on the branch of the bean plant; also use other particles (such as coal ash slag) or block carrier to inhale the liquid, and then evenly Spread in the ditch in the field. Dichlorvos are harmful to sorghum and should not be used when growing soybeans between sorghum. II ultra-low volume spray. The use of 2.5% deltamethrin EC, 30 ml per mu; or 20% cypermethrin EC, 65 ml per mu, diluted 1-2 times with water. III conventional spray. Use 2.5% deltamethrin EC, 12.5 ml per acre, 50 kg of water, or 5% of Forsythia EC 20 ml/mu, and spray 50 kg of diluted water. IV dusting. Can use 2% fenthion powder, or 1.5% methyl parathion powder dusting, the amount of 2 kg per acre. 3 biological control. I. Using 1.5 kg of Beauveria Bass powder, 13.5 kg of fine soil or herbaceous ash were mixed and sprinkled on the ridges of the bean field. The larvae of the larvae were exposed to the Beauveria bassiana spores and died of disease when they were suitable for temperature and humidity conditions. II Trichogramma was released during the spawning period of adults, and the number of bees per mu was 20,000-30,000.

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