Release date: 2007-04-24

New inhalers for children unveiled in the United States Activaero has introduced a new inhaler designed specifically for children to address two major problems in children treated with inhaled drugs: dose bias and patient compliance. Developers hope that the new product will address a major problem in patient medications, which is the apparent quantitative difference in the amount of drug delivered to the patient's lungs when using inhalation equipment. This is not only designed for the device itself, but it also addresses the compliance of individual patients with label instructions. According to the company, only 25% of patients using a pressurized metered-dose inhaler can use a metered-dose inhaler (MDI) to complete the inhalation of the drug. The situation in children is even worse, with less than 5% of lung deposits. Currently, Activaero is developing another product, Akita's second generation. Akita is an effective inhalation system for assisted inhalers. After the patient breathes through the instrument, the instrument can monitor and display the patient's breathing process. Akita's second-generation product is an infusion device for use with drugs, an electronically controlled liquid nebulizer system that is good for patients who use expensive drugs because these patients must use the most precise doses. Minimize losses. According to a company spokesperson, the product is currently in Phase I research and will be completed soon. ——China Medical News

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Honey produced by bees from a wide variety of flowers, in which no particular species of flower predominates. Its colour and flavour can vary: from amber to darker tones, and from sweeter to more intense flavours. Slow to crystallize in small crystals.

Polyflora honey is the most popular and searched honey, collected by multiple field and mountain flowering species. This type of honey is highly appreciated for its rich flavor profile, nutritional and medicinal qualities as well as higher content of minerals compared to most monofloral honeys. Rich in different pollen types and varied nutritional profile, polyflora honey contribute a stronger immune system and better health. Each nectar in its composition brings elements with a unique therapeutic action, making polyflora honey delicious and healthier option. 

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