When the joint development of the wheat is insufficient, yellowing is premature, thin lean seedlings are thin, and there is obvious defertilization, it is necessary to apply early-stage heavy fertilizer, fully supply nutrients, and strive for more tillers to become effective spikes. Fertilization time can be dominated by fast-acting nitrogen fertilizer before jointing. The joints are suitable at the jointing stage. The number of stems before jointing is more and ends at the peak of tillering. The color of the leaf is normal and fades. When the first section has been set for a long time, it may be followed by top-up joint fertilizer. When the jointing stage is large, the leaves are dark green and drape, and when growing, the wheat field can not be applied fertilizer, or after the leaf color fades, when the tip of the flag leaves is exposed, a small amount of panicle fertilizer is added. If the panicle fat leaves no faded phenomenon, it is not appropriate to apply the panicle fertilizer to prevent late-maturing lust and reduce production.

1. Apply good fat, jointing fertilizer, and booting fertilizer to promote strong stalks and ears.

(1) Beginning of fat: Where the growth of wheat in the early period is insufficient, the weak seedlings with low density must be able to catch up with the body fat in time, generally recovering 7 kg of urea 10-15 days before the jointing. Strong seedlings and Wang Miao do not apply fertilizer.

(2) Jointing fertilizer: The application amount is related to the fertility of the variety and the early growth of the plant, and has reached the standard of strong seedlings to recover 3-5 kg ​​of urea per mu. Wang Miao does not apply, weak seedlings appropriate increase.

(3) Fertile panicle fertilizer: Where no fertilizer is applied, if there is a deficiency in the booting, the panicle fertilizer should be applied. Generally when the flag leaves exposed, 2-3 grams of urea per mu.

2, drought and stain prevention, root protection leaves. The waterlogging of wheat is caused by surface water, shallow water and groundwater, and shallow water is the most harmful. Therefore, it is necessary to reach a straight ditch at the end of the ditch, so that the ditch and ditch can communicate with each other, so that the rain will stay dry, the rain will be clear, the dark water will be drained, the groundwater will be reduced, and the conditions for soil ventilation will be improved. This will create a good soil environment for the growth of wheat under rainy conditions.

3, to prevent lodging. Lodging of wheat mostly occurs after heading, but the cause of lodging is formed from jointing to booting. When the middle and high fertility and high density plots begin to elongate between the first internodes of the wheat base, 15 acres per mu are used. % of paclobutrazol WP 8 grams, sprayed 75 kilograms of water, can play a dwarf effect, while promoting production.

4, to prevent pests and diseases. Mainly to prevent wheat scab, rust, powdery mildew and armyworm, aphids and other hazards.

5, outside the top dressing. The top dressing of wheat can increase the seed setting rate and 1000-grain weight, accelerate the maturation process of wheat, shorten the growth period of 1-2 days, and generally spray potassium dihydrogen phosphate, calcium superphosphate leachate, and ash leaching liquid before milk-mature stage. It can also be added. A small amount of nitrogen fertilizer. 0.2% potassium dihydrogen phosphate aqueous solution 1-2 times, once every 7-10 days.

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