Also known as the chicken head fruit, it is an annual aquatic herbaceous plant that is used as seeds in seeds. Su Shi is a cultivated variety that is well-known for its large size, good quality, and superior quality. There are two cultivated species, the purple flowering Susan and the white flowering Susan. Baoying County introduced early-maturing purple hibiscus cultivation and harvested it from September 1 to October 22. Each knot full of 10 fake fruit, single fruit weight of 0.5 to 1 kg, containing seeds of 100 to 200, seed weight l. 3 ~ 2 grams, seed kernel weight 0.5 ~ 0.7 grams. In 2005, the average yield of dry sticky rice was 20.5 kg.
The water surface is selected to be planted on the edge of a shallow lake or on a marsh surface. The water level is required to be stable. The water level in the dry season is 20-30 cm, the flood level is 100-150 cm, and the underwater silt layer is more than 20 cm. It is not suitable for continuous cropping. It can be replanted with the fish or the larvae and louse for 2 years.
Immersion germination buds of purple flowers and so on in early April when the average temperature of 10 °C above with water soaking germination, changing the water every day, day and night cover, keep the day 20 ~ 25 °C, 15 °C or more at night. Sow when the seeds are white.
Sowing seedlings before sowing 1 to 2 weeks before the election of leeward sunny paddy fields open 2 meters square, deep 20 cm nursery pond, leveling the soil, remove weeds, irrigation 10 cm deep, water clarification after sowing. Use 5 kg per tank. When the sowing density is high, the seedlings are planted in due course. Transplanting seedlings can be used to fill low-level paddy fields with deeper water depths, which is 50 times larger than breeding ponds and suitable for basal fertilization. 30 to 40 days after sowing, the seedlings had 2 to 3 arrow-shaped leaves when transplanted. The depth of the water was kept at 15 cm at the beginning of the transplant, and gradually increased to 40-50 cm.
Colonization in the middle and late June, the new leaves in the diameter of 25 to 30 cm when the colonization, row spacing 2 to 8 meters, spacing of 2 meters, 140 colonization per acre. Depth of 30 cm when planting, more than 20 cm underwater silt layer.
One week after field management, the seedlings were checked for deficiency. Depth of 30 cm when planting, gradually deepen after survival to 40 to 50 cm, to the late stage of vigorous growth and early flowering results gradually deepened to 80 to 100 cm, the short-term rising water does not exceed 1.2 meters, the flowering results gradually decreased to 50 to 70 cm. Before the leaves are sealed, the roots of the cultivars are combined with 2 to 4 times. Apply more fertilizer fertilizer mud, add 50 to 100 kg of decomposed manure and 10 kg each of urea, superphosphate, and potassium chloride for every 100 kg of river mud or fine soil. During the flowering period, leaves were sprayed with 2 to 3 times 0.2% potassium dihydrogen phosphate and 0.1% boric acid mixed solution. Pay attention to the prevention and treatment of leaf spot diseases, leaf tumor diseases, lotus root tuber, lotus root food insects, and leafhoppers.
Harvested and preserved 35 to 55 days after flowering and harvesting, harvested every 4 to 7 days, divided into 8 to 12 harvests. Select seed at the 3rd to 4th harvest. The plants selected to meet the characteristics of the varieties were mother plants. The fruits were harvested and then peeled off to remove the artificial seed coats. After washing, the unfilled seeds were removed.

Raw materials of Love Goji powder are selected from "Ning Qi NO.1"Goji berries, which are planted on the standardized cultivation base in Zhongning County, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region.

Love Goji powder has reached the international food hygiene standard, without any preservatives and additives. The powder is widely used in the production of functional food, beverage, healthy products, which is also used as important raw material of beauty products. 

The powder has the advantages of low water content, good color, plump appearance and high commodity value, and processing of which is used the most ideal technique for drying Goji berries that is cacuum-spray dryness, which promises lower loss of bioactive substances.

Goji Berry Powder

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