Macrobrachium rosenbergii breeding and hatching and larval development need to be carried out in salt water with a certain degree of salinity. Therefore, Macrobrachium rosenbergii, which is kept in freshwater ponds, cannot reproduce naturally. The shrimps needed for the culture of Macrobrachium rosenbergii rely on artificial propagation. Coastal shrimp breeding grounds can be used to properly transform and breed the Macrobrachium rosenbergii seedlings, or no special breeding farm for Macrobrachium rosenbergii can be established. After breeding of Macrobrachium rosenbergii through wintering period, sexually mature broodstocks begin natural spawning and fertilization of eggs under appropriate environmental conditions (water temperature 24 to 30 degrees Celsius). The juvenile larvae break out of the shrimp eggs and enter the proper environment to develop normally. At the end, the metamorphosis becomes juvenile shrimp. When more than 90% of larvae become metamorphosed into prawns, freshwater acclimation (desalination) can be performed. Before desalting the shrimp in the same pool, the unaltered juveniles in the pool are picked up and placed in other nursery ponds of similar size to continue cultivation. When desalinating, first lower the water level in the tank, then add fresh water at the shallow end and suck out the brackish water at the other end. Maintain the same amount of water in and out, until the pool water completely becomes fresh water, the whole desalination process, generally 6 to 8 hours Completed within. The desalted juvenile shrimp can be moved to an intermediate cultivation pond for cultivation, or directly placed in a pond.
After dehydration, the mature Macrobrachium rosenbergii seedlings, body length 0.7-0.8 cm, young body, feeding power and disease resistance are relatively weak, need to go through the larval rearing stage, time about 1 month, to young shrimp body length When it is 3 to 5 cm, it is transferred to the rearing stage of shrimp. Can also be combined with juvenile shrimp cultivation, the use of greenhouse or plastic greenhouse incubation incubation of juveniles, early stocking of shrimp, until the outdoor pond water temperature is appropriate, you can separate the pool feeding, to early shrimp market time to obtain larger specifications of commercial shrimp Enhance market competitiveness.

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