Myzus persicae, also known as peach aphid, peach aphid, and omnivorous pests, are distributed throughout the country. The larvae harm fruits or seeds of various fruit trees such as winter jujube, peach, plum, persimmon, chestnut, apple, pear, pomegranate, hawthorn, and the like. When the fruit is damaged, it is filled with insect feces and causes rot. In severe cases, it has a great impact on the yield and quality. Control methods: First, scrape bark in the early spring, blocking tree holes. Use black light to trap adult insects. Second, the occurrence period of adults and spawning period spray 50% of phoxim 1000 times, or 50% of dichlorvos emulsion 1200 times, or pyrethrum pesticides. The first-generation larvae were sprayed with 50% of the saccharic pine or 40% of the dimethoate emulsion at the initial stage of incubation and sprayed once every 7 days. The results were good. 3. Use 50% of phoxim, or 20% of pyrethrum vinegar, or 90% of trichlorfon 0.5 kg plus 100 times of soil and water, 10 grams or so. The first-generation larvae can be controlled, and the second and third-generation larvae can also be controlled. The effective period is 70-80 days. Fourth, the use of peach aphid spawning on the sunflower flower disk has a strong tendency to tropism, planting some sunflower in the orchard, after flowering to attract adults to spawn on them, regularly sprayed on sunflower to eliminate peach aphid, but also trapping Tea pests and other white insects.

Peeled Garlic is made of Fresh Garlic,there are two kinds fresh garlic, one is Normal White Garlic, another is Pure White Garlic. The fresh Garlic is peeled by the peeling machine or by hand.The Fresh Garlics Which are prepared for peeling are picked out carefully from various garlics. After peeling, we put them into plastic bags or bottles, then the plastic bags or bottles are putting into the cartons.

1. Commodity name: Peeled garlic

2. Size: 180 - 230grains/kg, 230 - 260grains/kg, 260 - 350grains/kg
3. Packing: In carton
            a) 500g*20bags
            b) 1kg* 10bags
            c) 5kg*2bags
            d) 10kg*1bag            
            e) 30lbs/bag 
            f) 10kg/bag
            g) 20lbs/bag
            h) 30lbs/bag 
            i) 1lb 3lbs, 5lbs/jar (jars can be filled with nitrogen)
4. Supply period: All year round

5. Conveyance: 25mts/40' HR

Peeled Garlic

Peeled Garlic

Peeled Garlic

Peeled Garlic,Fresh Peeled Garlic,Whole Peeled Garlic,Pre Peeled Garlic