In recent years, with the rapid development of the rural economy, the pace of construction of small towns in rural areas has accelerated, which has greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of farmers to purchase tractors. It is used for short-distance transport or agricultural production, and rural transport is increasingly busy. In addition to the rural agricultural and sideline products, Circulation brings great convenience, but it also leads to the obvious hidden dangers of rural road traffic accidents. At present, there are many potential accidents on the rural roads in Turpan City:

1. Violation of regulations. On some rural roads, due to the inconvenience of transportation, farmers traveled, bazaar, visiting friends and relatives, and festive funerals. They all regard tractors as the main tools for transportation, ranging from a dozen or more to two or thirty people. The accident caused a group of casualties.

2, overloaded driving. At present, agricultural vehicles have overloaded driving phenomenon. In order to reduce the loss of agricultural machinery operators and disregard the safety of individuals and others, they are overloaded. In reality, most of the tractors' load exceeds 2-3 times the authorized load. In order to disregard the stipulations on the size of the vehicles, the farmer's hand has been seriously overloaded, which has caused great potential accidents for agricultural machinery safety production.

3. Agricultural vehicles that have reached the end of life are still driving. At present, the part of farm vehicles that drive on rural roads in Turpan City has exceeded the number of years of scrapping, especially when the tractors have reached or exceeded the retirement period, which also poses hidden dangers for safe production.

4. Rural roads have narrow roads, poor road conditions, and fewer traffic signs. There are problems with narrow roads and narrow roads in rural roads. In addition, the maintenance is not timely, and some are not maintained, resulting in poor road conditions. There are no obvious traffic signs or even traffic signs on dangerous road sections.

5. The awareness of farmers' safety production is weak. Many people hold luck and think that it is harmless if they violate the rules one or two times. There is nothing wrong with installing more people. There is no difference between pulling points and pulling points. The driving force is that there are few people on country roads, and there is no such thing as speed. This is often the only way to cause accidents, resulting in loss of life and property.

The existence of hidden dangers in rural roads has many reasons. Apart from the lack of popular support for agricultural safety education, poor farmers' safety awareness, and inadequate safety management issues, it also has close ties with governments at all levels and related departments such as transportation and highways. . Only with the cooperation of all levels of government and relevant departments can fundamentally clear the hidden dangers of accidents.

1. The government at the township level should pay attention to the hazards caused by illegal use of tractors from top to bottom. From within the township government to village leaders to intensify the management of such phenomena, in-depth publicity, and improve farmers' awareness of safety, agricultural machinery supervision personnel should also in-depth farmers to carry out safety production knowledge education, to vehicles that do not meet the safety technical requirements, To urge the driver to carry out maintenance, the transportation department should increase the investment in rural roads, and should pay attention to the construction of rural roads as well as broadcasting and television through villages and villages, so that farmers can go out and have seats (passengers) to effectively solve difficulties for farmers. problem.

2. The burden on peasants should be effectively reduced. Although the overload of agricultural machinery vehicles is related to the ideological awareness of aircraft operators, it has a lot to do with the current overburden of farm vehicles. In the case of Turpan City, most of the farmers who buy tractors are used at home instead of cattle and horses. They use materials and carry out short-distance transportation. A tractor does not increase income for farmers for a year. Instead, it has to pay the tractor's fuel, maintenance, and road maintenance fees. Various types of fees for agricultural machinery inspection fees have led farmers to make ends meet. As a traffic management department, the tractor is mainly driven on rural roads and is a short-distance transportation. It should not be treated as equivalent to a car that specializes in commercial transportation. In terms of various charges, the characteristics of the tractor should be taken into account and the burden on the peasants should be effectively reduced.

3, seriously implement the tractor scrapping system. With the promulgation and implementation of the "Road Traffic Safety Law," the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region agricultural machinery scrapping methods have been introduced to implement compulsory scrapping of farm vehicles that run in excess of age. However, the scrapping of agricultural vehicles is not the same as scrapping of automobiles. The matter is justified because farmers can still engage in agricultural production in the fields. Due to the special nature of the farmers, it is difficult for the agricultural vehicles to be scrapped. Therefore, the supervision personnel should make great efforts to publicize the remediation, understand them with reason, be emotional, and patiently conduct safety education on the agricultural hands to change their thinking and know how to scrap The hazards and negative effects of vehicles.

4. Strengthen the education of rural agricultural operators and farmers on safety warnings. Occasionally, in-depth rural organization personnel watch the warning film and eliminate the chances of the agricultural machinery driver. Agricultural production should open safety cars. Rural roads should increase construction efforts and install traffic signs on dangerous road sections.

5, increase the safety inspection of agricultural machinery. The agricultural machinery safety supervision station shall organize the supervision personnel of each township to carry out the field inspection work in depth, monitor the accident-prone road sections, make some violating vehicles and drivers vigilant, and deal with the drivers who do not change their education seriously to warn other agricultural machinery. Hand should keep in mind the idea of ​​"safety first," reduce farm machinery hazards, and reduce agricultural accident rates.

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