My township farmers in the plastic large boron cement pool, the implementation of anti-season cultivation muddy, especially in the New Year's Day, the Spring Festival during the high sales price, the difference in the 3-5 yuan, the efficiency is considerable. The breeding techniques are described below.
First, build the pool conditions. According to their respective courtyards, the concrete pool area should be 100-150 square meters. The rearing pond is built on the ground type, underground and semi-underground type, with inlet and outlet openings, pool depth of 1.2-1.5 meters, drainage outlet at 30 cm from the bottom of the pool, and installation of anti-escape facilities with a water depth of 0.8-1. Meter. Put the 20 centimeters of fat beforehand into the mud and clear and disinfect the pond 10-15 days before stocking. After 7 days, add 20-30 cm of water, add 0.3-0.5 kg of livestock manure per square meter, and add water to 40-50 cm. Several days later, when the water is yellow-green and the transparency is 15-25 cm, it is stocked.
Second, the greenhouse installation. According to the method of erecting vegetable greenhouses, there are single-layer or double-layer structures. Bamboo canopies can be used as materials. Reinforced steel structures are available for those who have conditions, and suitable straw mats or curtains are prepared. In winter, plastic straws are used to keep warm.
Third, stocking muddy. Before mud replenishment, usually 3%-5% of salt water is used for bathing for 3-5 minutes to prevent saprophytic disease and eliminate surface parasites. The density is about 25 kg per cubic meter of water. With the increase of stocking, the fish will gain weight. The water in the pool can be deepened to 0.8-1 meters. (Conditional ones can keep the microfluidic water in the pool, and the effect is better). When the mud enters the pool, it is also necessary to prevent the temperature difference from being too large, so as to avoid causing death from mud and cold.
Fourth, feeding and management. Loach is omnivorous, and natural baits include small crustaceans, aquatic insects, snails, cockroaches, animal organs, algae, rice bran, and bean dregs. When feeding, pay attention to the proper mix of animal and vegetable diets, and feed should be set to four. Water temperature above 30 °C or below 10 °C can not cast. In breeding, pay attention to fertilization. Sprinkle manure once every 4-5 days to Dianchi Lake, 50-100 grams per square meter, keep the transparency of the water 15-25 cm, and promptly change the water, change the water every week in the Dianchi Lake. Time, change the water 30 centimeters each time (if there are microfluidic conditions in the pool, there is no need to change the water often, but to prevent the deterioration of water quality). Sun pools should always be filled with tap water in order to provide adequate water.
Fifth, greenhouse management. According to the requirements of agricultural technology, refer to the management points of vegetable greenhouses.

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