Release date: 2006-12-19

After the man transplanted the mechanical heart, there is no pulse and still alive without a heartbeat. This miracle has recently appeared in a heart disease patient in Canada. After successfully transplanting a new mechanical heart surgery, the 65-year-old man became the first Canadian patient to survive without pulse, and the transplant technology was hailed as a major breakthrough by the world medical community.
No pulse "lives very well"
The McGill University Health Center in Canada held a press conference on December 13th, and Dr. Renzo Checheri and Dr. Nadia Ghanetti jointly announced the medical breakthrough. Health Center spokesperson Ian Popper said that the patient who received a mechanical heart transplant was named Geral Lang. A few months ago, Lang Zhiwan was diagnosed with heart failure due to a heart attack and was admitted to hospital for cardiac surgery on November 23. Because he was too thin after illness, his blood pressure was very low, his physical condition was not good, and doctors thought that the patient was not suitable for heart transplant surgery. Therefore, implanting a mechanical heart is the only way to save Lang's life.
At present, Lang Zhiwan is in good condition. "Lang Zhiwan may feel a bit unreliable about his current situation without a pulse," Popper said. "But it turns out that he is living very well now."
Mechanical heart life is at least 10 years. The success of this operation is also due to the new medical device, the mechanical heart. It uses a built-in turbine to deliver blood from the left ventricle through the power pump to the aorta, and then provides uninterrupted blood supply to all parts of the body with the power supplied by the power supply installed in the abdomen. "Continuous blood flow does not cause pulsations," Cecchiri said.
Cechelli also said that in fact, the magnetic field inside the mechanical heart makes the turbine operate in a suspended state, so there is no friction and no wear and tear on the parts. It seems that the power pump should have a long service life. .
It is estimated that this mechanical heart called "heart partner" has a service life of at least 10 years, which lasts longer than other similar products, and is not inferior to the life expectancy of patients undergoing human heart transplantation.
Expected to replace heart transplants Including Langzhiwan, there were 4 mechanical heart transplants in Canada, and the other 3 cases were unsuccessful.
According to a mechanical heart manufacturer and a spokesperson for Thoratec in the United States, about 400 patients in Europe and the United States had undergone mechanical heart transplant surgery, but Lang Zhiwan was the first case after the recovery of the body.
Doctors believe that mechanical heart is expected to be a substitute for common heart transplant surgery, providing new treatments for heart patients.
—— Information from: Medical Network

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