The virus is widely distributed. When it is attacked alone, the cultivars do not show any symptoms, but it can lead to weak plant growth and reduced yield.
1. Symptoms. When the plants were infected with the virus, they only showed symptoms. When the strawberry crumpling virus and the raspberry mottle virus co-infected, they showed signs of shrinkage on the plants of the cultivar. When the strawberry mottle virus and the strawberry light yellow edge virus co-infected the plant, the cultivated varieties showed symptoms such as chlorosis or yellowing of leaves, dwarfing of plants, and small and small fruit.
2. Transmission mode, strawberry mottle virus spread through locusts. According to the world’s report, there are 12 species of locusts that transmit this type of virus, including staples, burrowing cymbals, and small burrows.
3. Control methods. Production should be strengthened in management, planting virus-free seedlings, timely clearing the field, timely removal of pests and leaves and old leaves, and cleaning out of the park, digging deep buried; can use chemicals to control aphids, constantly changing cultivars. According to the report of Japan (1985), with the pyrethroid 1000 times control, the infection rate of strawberry mottle virus can be reduced to 15.4%.

Whole ( Multi bulb ) Black Garlic is made of the whole fresh white garlic .

It appears black in colour and shrinks during the fermenting process. 

The cloves varies in diameter between 5.0 - 6.0cm and weights in at 30-40g before being peeled.

Black Garlic Production Process

Fresh organic garlic → Cleaning → Dehydration → Clip → Outfit fermentation dish → Fermentation room → Fermentation → Booth cool room → Ripen → Sterilization room → Black garlic sorting room → Inner packing → Outer packing → Black garlic storeroom

Whole Black Garlic

Whole(Multi)Black Garlic

Whole Black Garlic,Whole Foods Black Garlic,Multi Bulb Black Garlic,Fermented Whole Black Garlic

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