Fish species are the key to high-yield and high-efficiency in fishery production. The size and size of the fish species are directly related to their survival rate in winter. Autumn is a critical period for the cultivation of fingerlings. We must do a good job in the following tasks:

1. Improve the water environment and promote the growth of fingerlings. In the autumn, as the growth of fish species and food intake increase, the amount of food organisms in the water decreases, the accumulation of harmful substances in the pool increases, the water quality ages, and the dissolved oxygen decreases. This has a great impact on the growth of fish species, especially in small individuals. The species of fish, due to poor competition and growth inhibition, need to adjust water quality and improve the pond water environment. The basic method is to renew the pool water, discharge the old water in the pool by 1/3-1/2, and then add new water; the second is to look at the water for fertilization to increase the food organisms in the pool. In the early autumn, gas and water temperatures are high. Fertilizer is suitable for chemical fertilizers. Generally, 2 kg of urea is applied per acre of ponds, and 5 kg of superphosphate is applied. Fertilization once is about 7 days. In late autumn, it is advisable to topically ferment and ripen organic manure, apply once in 10 days, apply 150kg per mu, and splash it in Quanchipia. Can also be piled up in small piles, so that the transparency of the pool is kept at 25-30cm, which is both fat and live; the third is to splash and disinfect and sterilize drugs and feed the baits regularly to prevent fish diseases.

2, adjust the density, grading rearing. In order to promote the growth of small-scale fish species, we can choose appropriate weather with relatively cool temperatures, pull the net for screening, and raise them in grading. Larger species of fish can be transferred to large-scale, well-conditioned fish ponds to be raised in groups. Small and medium-sized fish species can be intensively reared. Different varieties of fish are suitable for polyculture. The proportion of carp species in the same pond is 5:1. The stocking density depends on the pond area and water depth, water source and fish species specifications. In a pond with a depth of 1.5m, a total of 2500-3000 fish stocks with a size of 15cm or more can be stocked in a pond with a depth of 1.5m, and 3000-4000 can be stored with a stock size of 15cm or less.

3, a reasonable feeding and fertilization to protect the needs of feeding. From autumn to autumn, it is a golden period for fish species to eat more food and grow longer. It is necessary to rationally arrange feeding and fertilization according to the main species. For grass-fish-based ponds, the daily feeding amount is appropriate for the fish to eat 80%. In addition to grass-fish ponds, the focus is on water fertilization and the cultivation of natural creatures in the pool. The pool is watery and lively, tender and cool, which is beneficial to the growth of fish species. Ponds with mixed herrings should also feed crushed snails. After the autumnal equinox, the temperature of the water gradually declines, and supplements such as bran and bran are properly added. Attention should be paid to adjusting daily doses to prevent wasted feed, but it is not possible to stop eating prematurely.

4. Strengthen management and prevent disease. In the autumn, the water temperature is high, the water quality changes rapidly, and the organic matter in the water accumulates, which is prone to anoxic flooding. Autumn is also a season of fish disease, especially before and after white dew, which is the peak period of fish disease. Therefore, it is very important to do a good job of disease prevention. Regularly change the water and improve the quality of water, and regularly use quicklime, strong chlorine and other drugs to disinfect and sterilize. Feed disease prevention baits for healthy fish growth.

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