The reflective film in the orchard shop can adjust the microclimate of the orchard, increase the light in the middle and lower layers of the canopy, and promote the overall coloring of the fruit; it can also increase the sugar content of the fruit, increase the weight of the single fruit, and help flower bud differentiation to increase the production for the second year. basis. The specific practice of retroreflective film in orchard shop is: in mid-August and late (5 to 6 weeks before fruit harvest), a polyester film (reflective film) is deposited on the ground on both sides of the fruit tree. Reflective membranes are placed along the tree crown on both sides of the canopy. The outer edge of the membrane is flush with the outer edge of the canopy, or the film is deposited within the vertical projected area of ​​the canopy. After laying the film, it is necessary to regularly clean the dirt, fallen leaves, and accumulated water on the membrane to fully exert the reflective effect of the reflective film.
Author: Shaanxi Provincial Fruit Research Institute, 17 Dongyi Road, Xi’an, Shaanxi Province

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Blood Collection Tube

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