The amazing fecundity and rich nutrients of flies will become an inexhaustible top protein feed for the breeding industry, as well as the development of medicines, health care, biochemicals, pesticides and chemical products. It was determined that dried fly maggot powder contained 59% to 65% of crude protein, 12% of fat, and 43.83% of total amino acids, which was 3.3 times that of fishmeal. Now we will introduce the fly cage technology as follows:
Breeding the breeding flyhouse requires fresh indoor air, the temperature is maintained at 24°C to 30°C, relative humidity is 50% to 70%, and the light is lighted for more than 10 hours per day.
The fly cage produces square fly cages with a length of 50 cm in height, height, and width, made of coarse iron wire or bamboo wood. The outer cover plastic gauze has one operating circular hole with a diameter of 20 cm on one side, and the mouth is seamed with a 30 cm cylinder. Usually tied. Three cages were placed on the main body of the cage, and 1 to 15 thousand breeding flies per cage.
The first batch of sterile fly from the source of fly can be introduced from the demonstration base, and it can also be cultivated by wild flies.
Breeding methods will be bred into cockroaches or will be sterilized after excavation, pick a large full (not bulkhead flies) into the cage feathered into sterile fly species.
The purpose of raising the cage is to allow the females to concentrate their eggs. Place 4 kinds of discs or cylinders with different functions in the cage:
(1) Water dish: It is specially used for drinking water of species fly and it is changed every day;
(2) Food dish: nutrient foodstuffs made of aseptic mash, brown sugar, yeast, preservatives, and water are changed every day;
(3) Egg-laying cylinders: The bran and attractant mixture mixed with water in the cylinder is used to lure the female flies to lay eggs, and the new material is replaced after the materials and eggs are transferred into the larva rearing box each day;
(4) Feather Cylinder: It is put into the soon-to-emerge species when it is specially used for flies.
The flies were eliminated and the all-in and all-out breeding method was implemented. All the 20-day-old seed flies were killed and then processed into flies. After the fly cages are disinfected and treated, they are used to cultivate the next batch of new fly species.
The temperature of the breeding house in the rearing house is kept at 26°C-35°C and the humidity is 65%-70%. Indoor breeding truss, breeding bowls, temperature and humidity meter and heating facilities are also available. Larvae do not need light when they are afraid of light.
Breeding method The breeding pots are first loaded with 5-8 cm thick mixed foodstuffs mainly composed of livestock manure, and the humidity is 65%-75%, and then the ratio of one gigas of fly eggs per kilogram of foodstuffs is applied. The 12-hour eggs hatch into quail. 0.5 kg per kilogram of pig manure.
After 5 days of pupa separation and maturation, that is, maturation, except for replantation, the pod should be collected and used. The method is to use "strong light screening method" or "anoxic method" to force it to escape from the food and separate it. . After the fresh broth is fed, the excess oysters can be replaced by fish meal to prepare a mixed feed after being dried and processed into glutinous rice flour.
After culturing the pods, they will be screened and separated by a sieve. You can store it in the fridge for 15 days.

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