Most of the wild vegetables are scattered naturally. Farmers pick their own vegetables and sell them by hand. Hand-made wild vegetables should pay attention to the following questions.
1. The raw materials must be fresh, and when the weather is picking up in the dry weather, timely watering and shade should be applied. The picked wild vegetables must be provocative and grading. The leafy vegetables should be removed from the old leaves and the old culms; the stem length of the bitter herbs is long, and in order to maintain the consistency of the products, it is required to cut off in sections; the fern and the kale are required to be picked when the buds are not blooming; the bamboo shoots have many varieties and the processing is dry. The tip of the bamboo shoots requires that the lower part of the bamboo shoots be tender, and it is better to move the fingers easily.
2. Put the raw materials after the grading and protection of green grades into the boiling water in a timely manner and blanching. It is advisable to use water to submerge the vegetables. Blanching time leaves vegetables in 2 ~ 3min, not too long, to prevent hot cooked, otherwise, the finished product color brown, easy to brittle; bamboo shoots generally within 20min, shoots with white, disseminated unique bamboo shoot incense For degree. Green leafy vegetables should be placed in a 2% to 3% sulphite solution for color protection during blanching. After the bitter herbs are washed, they must be rinsed repeatedly to remove black water and mucus. After the end of blanching, immediately put it into cold water to cool it, remove the cooled food, drain it, or spin it in a centrifuge at a speed of 1000r/min to shorten the drying time.
3. Make sure that the raw materials and plastic raw materials are cured and then bake them. During the baking process, hold the raw materials by hand and knead them in a circular shape. Then shake and knead again. The force of the hand should be light to prevent the destruction of the raw material and the darkening of the product.
4. Put a good baking, drying and slicing the Riesa, shaping the wild vegetables into a bamboo sieve and expose it to sunlight. The raw materials placed on the bamboo screen should be uniform, first thinned and thickened, and the bamboo screen should be overhead, which is conducive to ventilation and ventilation to accelerate the drying speed. In case of rainy weather, charcoal fire can be used to bake, and the fire cannot be too small or too large during baking. When the baking temperature starts to rise, the temperature of the fire is higher, and the raw material is not shaken. The temperature of the fire is felt to be hot, and it must not be exposed to flames. Otherwise, the surface of the raw materials may be hard-coated or even charred. As the water content of raw materials gradually decreases, the fire temperature must gradually decrease, and finally the dry product moisture content should be controlled below 6.5%.
5. The softening, packaging, drying and then covered with plastic film back soft, and then sealed with plastic film bags. Processing dried bamboo shoots are packaged after softening to maintain the uniformity of the processed product.

Office gift is a gift of each other between people and objects. The purpose is to please each other, or to express goodwill, respect. Gifts are also used to celebrate festivals or important occasions, such as Valentine's Day roses or birthday present or not. Gifts can also be immaterial. In ancient China, the idea of "sending thousands of miles of goose feathers and giving light affection and affection" meant that the value of a gift lies in the goodwill and the mind of the giver instead of the gift itself. Gifts do not need too expensive, as long as the expression of the heart on it. The gift narrowed the distance between people.

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The person who received the gift can decorate his mood and work with joy and efficiency.


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