In recent years, the economic benefits of cultivation of apples, pears, etc. have declined, and plum cultivation has continued to expand in Tieling because of its advantages of early fruiting, early harvesting, easy planting, and no fear of the impact of southern varieties. Longyuan Qiu Li, also known as late red and autumn red, was bred by the Institute of Horticulture, Heilongjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences. I stationed in the Liqian Town Chaijia Orchard since 1996 and introduced 550 planting trials with a plant spacing of 2m3m. At the same time, 110 plants of Li 15 were pollinated. The flowering result in 1997, the average strain produced 3kg in 1998, enter the high yield of 30kg or more. From 1999 to 2003, the output per 666.7 m2 was 600, 890, 1320, 1700, and 1800 kg in order; the benefits were in order of 1000, 1300, 2000, 2500, and 2700 yuan. Tieling City has promoted it since 1999 and currently has an area of ​​1000hm2 and 1.2 million strains. In the last ten years of trial planting and promotion, the pruning techniques of Longyuan Qiu Li's young trees were explored and are summarized as follows.

1 Shaping

Longyuan Qiu Li has a higher requirement for ventilation and light transmission, and the tree type uses natural happy-shape. The saplings are set at a height of 50-60cm. No center dry, tree height 2-2.5m. 3 or 4 main branches, 1 or 2 auxiliary branches, 50-60 main branch angles, 2 or 3 side branches on each main branch, and 50-60 cm from the main branch. Specific method of operation: When dry, cut the first bud under the mouth to face the wind direction (southwest), when the new shoot grows to 50-60cm, it can be used as the main branch in the future to stay 50cm topping; the spring of the second year is selected dry Three or four branches distributed to the surrounding area were issued as the main branches (if not enough for the next year). If the angles of the branches are not reasonable, they can be corrected by pulling branches or hanging branches, and they can be appropriately shortened according to the growth of each main branch. Excessively dense branches are removed, and non-dense branches are left as auxiliary branches. In the spring of the second year, select one branch with an open angle and strong growth on each main branch as the extension branch of the main branch, cut short and cut about 1/2 of the total branches. In the lower part of each main branch, 1 or 2 outwardly growing shoots were selected as side branches, and the cut length was about 1/3. On the main branch, the twigs below 5 cm are kept as much as possible and cultivated into short fruit branches or fruit-like fruit branches. Medium and long fruiting branches are appropriately short cut. After 2 or 3 years, the tree shape can be basically determined. After each year, the prolonged branch pruning method for the main and lateral branches was the same as in the previous year. It will be so dry, new toppings can be shaped earlier, early results, early access to high yield.

2 Trimming technology

Longyuan Qiu Li Xiaoshu grows prosperously and prone to upright and oblique branches. The plastic stage should focus on light shearing and slow release, timely retreat, keep large auxiliary support branches, fill in space as soon as possible, ease the tree vigor, and increase early production. Because the Longyuanqiu Lishu has a high sprouting force and a high branching force, in order to avoid too many wounds during winter shearing, the winter cutting time is usually more than short cuts, but it is mainly sparse, and summer pruning is particularly important.

In the winter, the main and lateral branches of the extension branch are mainly short-cut, while the remaining branches need not be as dense as possible, but as long as possible, or as long as possible. The upright branches on the back and the strong branches on the inside should be removed.

In summer, when the new shoot grows up to 50cm, it picks up the heart and promotes the secondary branch. When the second branch grows to 50cm, it picks up the heart again and promotes the third branch. At the same time, it picks up the heart in time for the prosperous shoots, inhibits its prosperous growth, balances the vigor, and promotes formation. Flower buds can also increase the maturity of the shoots and thus improve cold resistance. From the middle of July, the opening angle of the main branch will be about 60, and the opening angle of the auxiliary branch will be about 70. The leggy branch with a small base angle and inappropriate orientation will be taken when the tree is half-wooded to restrain its growth. Can not play a role. The timely removal of pests and branches, leggy branches, thin branches, inward branches, and dense branches not only saves nutrients, but also facilitates healing, while reducing the workload of winter shears.

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