China is the world’s top producer and consumer of rice. It is impossible to agree with the production of genetically modified rice. At least until next year, unless the government’s panel asks for information to prove the pollution-free genetically modified rice, it can agree.

The Biosafety Research Committee, which monitors the safety of genetically modified rice, mentioned at the annual Biosafety Conference held in late June that it does not support large-scale production of insect-resistant Bt rice.

However, the panel suggested that the cultivation of genetically modified papayas may become the first genetically modified crop within a few years and was thoroughly scrutinized by the Beijing Ministry of Commerce.

The Polyaxial Locking Compression Plate (PLCP) are our patented products. There are special bushing inside locking holes which can rotate free. This design make it possible to lock screws in place at a desired angle within a maximum 30-degree cone of angulation. This system increase flexibility in surgery. It will release stress at the joint point betwee plate and screw to prevent breakage. The compression system use a sliding compression block. It can control compression distance to avoid excessive compression.

Feature :

Polyaxial locking compression 

Reliable firmly fixed 

Eliminate stress concentration prevent screws and plates from breaking 

Remove screws without difficulty. 

Anotaomic design, ensure exact adaptation to the complex bone surface and less stimulation on the surrounding tissue. 

Multi-row screw holes and angularity design support the anticular surface of distal radius perfectly

Compression hole combined with locking hole, angularly stable fixation and compression according to fracture condition 

Various specifications and models, meet the needs of internal fixation for different patients.

small proximal femure lateral polyaxial lcoking plate

Polyaxial Locking Compression Plate

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