The engine heat engine is not as good as the cold engine. The reason is:
1, the piston ring edge clearance is too small, the heat engine when swelled in the piston ring groove, loses the elasticity, the cylinder does not seal.
2. The clearance between the valve and valve duct is too small. After heating, the valve stem is stuck in the catheter. After the valve is opened, it cannot be closed.
3, the cylinder gap is too small, the expansion coefficient is too large, the movement resistance after thermal expansion is large, the starting speed is not enough.
4. The axial gap of the crankshaft is too small. After the thermal expansion of the machine, the crank rubs against the end face of the main bearing bush.
5, low-pressure rubber pipe cracks, cracks in the heat engine when the expansion of easy to inhale air, oil resistance generated in the oil.
6. There is micro-crack on the upper edge of the cylinder liner, and the cracks in the heat engine expand and the cooling water can easily enter the cylinder.

Zhuang Yuan Hong, literally means Scholar Red,  is a brand under our group. When ancient children were born as boy, his father would store wine. When the boy grew up and got Zhuang Yuan (top scorer), the family would drink the wine for celebration. Low alcohol, nutritious, mild and mellow. It tastes more refreshing on the rock. It's recommended for young people.

Zhuang Yuan Hong Yellow Rice Wine

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