When the newly captured wild civet cats were converted to artificial rearing, due to fundamental changes in the ecological environment, they caused autonomic disorders, were prone to illness, and were not in normal condition. Some of them have high susceptibility even if they are escorted; even if they are born, their performance is poor, and their survival rate is low.
At present, there are some species of raccoon farms. After long-term domestication and reproduction, breed rapae that breed normally, and the offspring are bred again, they can be used as raccoon species. At present, there are still some farmers who collect some wild civets in mountainous areas for raising. By the end of the year and the beginning of the second year, there are breeding households that sell breeding raccoons. This breed of “raccoon” has poor reproductive ability. Therefore, we must not blindly act when we introduce. We must definitely find help from the experts and introduce them before they can succeed.

Horizontal TMR Feeding Mixer

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TMR feeding mixer

Horizontal Tmr Feeding Mixer

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